donderdag 14 april 2011


Building a new set up, limiting myself to just lamellophones:
A lamellophone (also lamellaphone or linguaphone, from the Latin root 'lingua' meaning "tongue", i.e., a long thin plate that is fixed only at one end) is any of a family of musical instruments. The name comes from the Latin word "lamella" for "plate" and the Greek root "phonos" for "sound". The name derives from the way the sound is produced: the instrument has a series of thin plates, or "tongues", each of which is fixed at one end and has the other end free. When the musician depresses the free end of a plate with a finger or fingernail, and then allows the finger to slip off, the released plate vibrates. A tongue may be plucked either from above or below.

Sofar I have got:
Inside toy piano
Inside pianet
Mbiras, kalimbas, thumb pianos etc
simple mouth harp
simple mouth accordion
disk music box
lots of simple music boxes (modified off course)
Inside accordion (the bas part)
Hohner guitaret (yes!)
Saw-blades with attatched magnets

Just ordered various mouth harps (form Vietnam, china, Hungary)
and a chromatic set of tuning forks......

Still working on a nail violin

If any of you know any more lamellophones, let me know

Electric Banjo

Not much to do here sometimes
so I built this out of left over stuff lying around

My dad

Second from the left above

left this planet March 30, 2011

Will mis him the rest of my life
I feel gratitude only