zondag 5 juni 2011

DJ Cor Blimey and his Pigeon

DJ Cor Blimey and his Pigeon
, "10 Songs in 62 Minutes and 23 Seconds"
Conundrum 01

It's a while ago I made this cd (not cdr!), but it is still available and I thought to replace an old review here:

Performing under this humorous handle, the superb Dutch pianist Cor Fuhler gets down to some seriously absurd business, delivering a freewheeling admixture of world music, experimental sounds and overloaded kitsch. Although Fuhler performs on a wide array of keyboards here-piano, synthesizer, organ, harmonium, clavichord, celeste, melodica and even a keyolin (a violin with keys, a device of his own design)-his primary activity is that of a hip-hop DJ, giddily piecing together and layering all sorts of disparate elements. He mixes language-instruction records, schmaltzy exotica rhythm loops and Indian classical music with his own live instrumentation, displaying turntable skills that recall Christian Marclay more than they do Grandmaster Flash. Despite all of its lunacy, the album manages to transcend novelty status with some inspired, fascinating juxtapositions.

By Peter Margasak