donderdag 26 maart 2009

Been listening to some recordings I made with Robbie Avenaim and Dale Gorfinkel. Made me realize again how vivid the Australian scene is and how much I miss it.

We recorded at the Old Darlington School in Sydney, one afternoon in 2006 I think. I played on 2 grand pianos and Dale and Robbie on 2 vibraphones (and Robbie on some percussion as well). They worked a lot with machines on their vibraphones, and that also inspired me at the time to explore a similar territory. And odd combination it was maybe but for EAI very good. Does anybody know of vibraphone players that work in the field of EAI? Well they have a cd out on 2 of them on Splitrec.

Anyway, listening after a few years I still sounded great. Maybe it'll become ConundromCd number 9.
Here's a pic from that day:

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Red zei

Interested to hear this.

Martin Brandlmayr also plays vibes.