donderdag 23 april 2009

Old stuff

Have been listening to various old recordings from the past. To see if there is something amongst it worthwhile after all these years.

--- Me
--- Misha Mengelberg 
--- Michiel Scheen 
 I organised once a trio in the Eusebius church in Arnhem. A church with a 9 (!) second delay. There was a grand organ, a choir organ, a Hammond organ and a harmonium. We swapped seats all the time. Recorded "98. Some very, very (!) weird stuff...

---trio Fuhler - Bennink - de Joode
--- + Thomas Lehn
Funny!, space jazz and beyond.... made me smile a mile
(from 2001 I think)

--- me - piano
--- Toshimaru Nakamura - no unput mixer
--- Oren Ambarchi - guitar & electronics
I organised this trio for the Doekfestival in 2004. 
The piano sounds (too) loud all the time, but that's also because Toshi and Oren played very little. Still sounds good as a whole though. Makes me wonder about density, it's very differently persieved form a jungle perspective or a desert perspective. Both very valid.

--- me - piano, string instrumetns, synth stuff
--- Steve Heather - big drum, percussion, super 8 film
Not really a recording but an installation we did in 2005. The idea came from Steve: 2 main instruments (grand piano and very large bass drumm) with a circel of smaller instruments around it, being played by 2 rotating machines. Around the piano mostly string instruments and around the bass drumm mostly percussion stuff. Additionaly we both had all kinds of machines to play the objects of our choise + the additional super 8 films and analogue electronics.
Our good friend Dick Lucas recorded 20 + minutes of this installation and it still sounded very good to my ears.

--- me - piano, EMS putney, keyolin, cracklebox
--- Jim O'Rourke - computer, organ, EMS Synthi A
A concert we did in 2000, live at the Empty Bottle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music in Chicago. Well..., mmm,  it survives in my opinion. Very 2000.... but it was a good year... I could hear things comming up....

Who knows...

Now off to the woods of Limburg for a holliday.
Back in over a week or so

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Dohol zei

200 was indeed a good year, but I wasn't there...

Cornelis zei

20 then?
2 ??


Cast-Off Drama zei

Hi Cor
I've been listening to some of your old stuff as well! Did some improvisation to it at Leeds Gallery last week - Tinderbox (with Bennink and De Joode) and my old favourite Burnt Sienna, which I come back to time and again when writing or improvising new work. Working with some artists on the Green Children of Wolfpit story (true story), and Bewitched Cherry Pits lovely for establishing space...also Winsor Blue which always brings up water in buckets for me. Just ordered Lighton...looking forward to hearing it. Like the blog. Hope all's well in your world and with you. Best wishes, Nina Kane (Yorkshire, UK)

Anoniem zei
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Cornelis zei

Hi Nina

Thanks, good to hear

all the best