donderdag 10 februari 2011

ConundromCd 0-15

I thought it might be a good idea to make another clear list of the ConundromCd's sofar.
So here we go:

This was "released" in '98.
It was a trio with me and Han Bennink and Wilbert de Joode in Utrecht. Nobody showed up but we played a set anyway (for the people working there). It was recorded quite badly because I forgot my datmachine and we used a simple cassettedeck instead. The recording levels where way off so the whole thing is rather distorted.
This one is OOP.

DJ Cor Blimey and his pigeon: "10 songs in 62 minutes and 23 seconds".
1999, being sick of all this fuss about 2000 coming up I wanted to release it in the last millenium. 500 made, so plenty cds (not cdrs) left still.
The concept was a combination of 3 things for every song: one of my keyboards, a sample from some easy listening tune and a spoken word LP. It was kind of a joke towards all this DJ crapp stuff I heared all the time. It's also about numbers and there is a complicated code all through the cd.....
I'm still happy with track 4 being a long unedited keyolin solo (I only just build it then) on top of some indian music samples..

Here the "real" cdr series start. Me on EMS Synthi AKS, just analogue electronics.

A duo with me on acoustic piano and Keith Rowe on guitar/electronics.
OOP (sorry)

Solo on acoustic piano, focussing on the keys this time.
A kind of study in speed and sleep.
Brian Olewnick wrote a nice write up of this one and number 3 at Bagatellen + some reactions from me which you can read here (scroll all the way down).

TCOD (the Condition of dreaming)
A solo but dubbed in recording on keyolin, prepared cymbalom and transistor organ.
I made this in the same perdiod as above, so it's part of the same study. And I added a study in springreverbs: 2 Springs attatched to the bridge of the keyolin, the internal springreverb of the organ (a Dakota, with the most beatifull springreverb I have ever come across) and the cymbalom going trough an external spring reverb box.

A live concert with me on piano (+ some primitive amplifiaction and preparations with various speakers inside the piano), Axel Dörner - slide trumpet and Clare Cooper - harp.
For me this was a study in changing roles, either you are the lightperson in a theatre show or the actor/actress.

Het Kabinet
A kind of freakshow, 7 insruments that do not have a history together at all. An experiment.
I wrote something here.
And RP here.

Solo on piano, trying to combine the feedback piano with various vibrating machines etc, all within a acoustic domain.
I wrote somehting here.
Our good friend Richard Pinnell wrote something here, and our good friend Brian Olewnick wrote something here.

A trio: me on 2 grand pianos and both Robbie Avenaim and Dale Gorfinkel on vibraphone, from 2006
B O wrote here and R P here.

A live concert from Chicago in 2000, duo with Jim O'Rourke, we both played various instruments, piano, organ, 2 Synthis, keyolin, Computer.
B O wrote about this and all the following10 - 15 here.

me, Misha Mengelberg and Michiel Scheen live in the Eusebious church in Arnhem. Swopping between church organ, choir organ, Hammond organ and harmonium. From 1997. RP wrote here.

A live recording of a piano solo concert in Montpellier, France. A 3 inch mini CDR. From 2009.
Apart from BO, RP wrote here.

A series of leftover pieces that happen to be cyclic. From 1987 till 2005. From piano Jazz to Gamelan.

Puzzle 2
A series of leftover pieces, more in the composed music area. for various ensembles. All my compositions. From 1991 till 2007.

Live set recorded in Amsterdam. A rather melodic series of pieces for: Keyolin, Cello, Percussion, Cymbalom and (bas-)Clarinet.
From 2005. (I really wanted to show the people that the keyolin is a great instrument....)

They can be obtained at my concerts (if I didn't forget them, so if you're interested, please email me beforehand to make sure) or at Erstdist.

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