dinsdag 27 november 2012

When Snoopy met Boop

Ensemble Offspring will be playing a new piece by me in their program "On Loop", with special guest turntablist Martin Ng:

Sydney Carriageworks, Bay 20, 8pm Saturday 1st December
Melbourne Melbourne Recital Centre, The Salon, 8pm Thursday 6th December

Matthew Shlomowitz – Hi Hat & Me
Gavin Bryars – Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet
Bernhard Lang – Difference/Repetition #3
Matthew Wright – Totem for Sydney
Cor Fuhler – When Snoopy Met Boop
Michel van der Aa – Memo

Anna McMichael (solo violin)
Geoffrey Gartner (cello)
Damien Ricketson (tarhu)
Lamorna Nightingale (flute)
James Crabb (accordion)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Martin Ng (turntables)


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